Pest Control Services


Ant Control

Ants are our #1 pest in the Walla Walla Valley. They crawl all over our tables and counters. We will use a variety of methods to make sure that your ants are gone for good!


  • Exterior Treatment
  • Baiting
  • Colony Location

Mole and Gopher Control

Walla Walla Pest Control is one of the only businesses in town to offer Mole and Gopher removal. We use only tried-and-true methods to rid you of your burrowing pest problem.


  • Safe for Pets-No Poisons!
  • Visible Results
  • Quick & Effective


Other Pest Control Services

We can get rid of all kinds of pests including but not limited to; Wasps, Spiders, Cockroaches, and Mice. Our priority is to make sure that your pests are gone for good! We can service your property at your desired frequency.

  • Cobweb Removal
  • Exterior Perimeter Barrier
  • Exterior Inspection
  • Wasp Nest Removal
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